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How To Do Your Skin Self-checs 


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Skin cancer doesn’t discriminate. People of color are just as vulnerable as people with lighter skin. Skin checs are important for everyone to do!

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Your Personal Self-chec

For a thorough self-chec you’ll need both a full-length and a hand-held mirror. You’ll also need very good lighting. It is probably best to do this after a shower or bath.

  • Look in the mirror, chec your face (including your eyelids and inside of mouth).
  • While parting your hair with your fingers, hairdryer or hair brush, look into the full-length mirror and use the hand mirror to chec your scalp.
  • Continue by checing front and back of the following areas (note: with back to mirror, use hand mirror to inspect the back of these areas) ears, neck and shoulders, upper arms, underarms, elbows, lower arms, chest, genitals, upper legs and back.
  • MEN: the back is the most common site of a melanoma in males— you may need someone to help you here.
  • WOMEN: don’t forget to chec under your breasts.
  • Sitting down, chec your hands, including under your nails, lower legs and feet, including soles, heels, between toes and toenails. Continue to use both mirrors to chec your buttocks and genitals. seated5

Changes on your skin are not sure signs of cancer. But you should see your health professional if a mark changes or if something doesn’t look quite right to you. Better to be safe than sorry.

To Be Effective, Skin Cancer 
Early Detection Must Combine:

1) Your monthly skin chec.
2) Your yearly doc-chec.

Resource: American Academy of Dermatology and Skin

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