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Women’s Breast Cancer
Prevention And Early Detection

Frequently Asked Questions


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Why Is Breast Cancer Early Detection
So Important?

Learning about women’s breast cancer
prevention and early detection can help save your breast
and your life. Join the growing number of women who
are lowering their chances of getting breast cancer by being
proactive. Click the Frequently Asked Questions
 below for more answers.

Do I Have Any Risks Factors For Breast Cancer?

Use the Breast Cancer Risk Calculator Tool
on this page to help determine if you do.

What Age Should I Start My Breast Self-checks? 

National organizations don’t always agree
about when to start checking so how are you to know?
We think we may have figured it out for you…

How Do I Do My Breast Self-checks?

Watch a video. Read a guide. Both created for you. 

What Do I Look For
When Checking For Breast Cancer?

Here are images of lumps, bumps
and subtleties you might watch out for.

How Can I Reduce My
Chances Of Getting Breast Cancer?

This page will help empower you to 
take the the proactive steps to keep your breasts healthy.


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