A graph showing the percentage of American adults living with children who use e-cigarettes compared to those without children.

Condensed from an article by Michael Nedelman for CNN The authors of a new paper published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics point out that adults living with children are more likely to vape than those without children, also putting kids at risk for what the new study describes as “the ‘new’ secondhand smoke.”  4.9% of […]

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A person holding a cigarette with the Every Try Counts logo in the background.

  Condensed from US News.com by Robert Preidt, HealthDay Reporter Despite declining smoking rates among adults, 15 percent of American adults (36.5 million) were cigarette smokers in 2015. Of those, more than 22 million said they’d like to quit, according to the FDA. However, though more than 55 percent of adult smokers tried to quit in […]

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Smokers vs. Non-smokers: Health Comparison and Risks

Funny video about a not very funny subject. If you’re thinking about stopping smoking maybe this will help a little.

Breaking Free: Empowering Your Journey to Quit Smoking" - A motivational book cover featuring a chain breaking, symbolizing liberation from smoking addiction.


A person shares their struggle with smoking, highlighting the negative impact on their health and relationships.

Condensed from an article on CNN by Meera Senthilingam “Everyday makes me feel under its control & that’s really bad.”  “My girlfriend told me she couldn’t kiss me anymore.”  “I decided to take control back.” “I had enough of smelling like a fireplace and coughing.” ‘Because I can’t afford chronic poisoning.”  “I had a choice: smoke […]

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