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 Possible Barriers To Losing Weight 

In a study done in Sweden, women on weight-loss diets kept precise journals so researchers could uncover any stumbling blocks they may have. Researchers found that there were two types of significant barriers:

“Self struggles” that centered on difficulties in changing food habits, health problems, lack of self-control and insecurity about dieting success.

“Struggles” that centered on difficulties implementing a diet, both for social reasons like an unsupportive spouse, and food-focused reasons such as cravings and the cost of buying healthy food choices.

On the positive side, they also found identifiable factors calledfacilitators that lead to success, like having clear goals and getting support for weight loss efforts, especially from family and friends.

One problem dieters face is that barriers can sometimes outweigh facilitators. If you can find a better balance, you may be more successful.

The good news is that the internet is a great place to record your ups and downs, and a place that will give you support for your dieting effort. Tracking calories and exercise is made easy with multiple online tools and apps including www.fitday.com (which is free to join); or you can find support online through google search. Make sure to read user reviews of the sites that come up before you take action.


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