Frequently Asked Questions

kids and adults exercising

Why Is Exercise Important?

Exercise helps ward off many
serious and common chronic health problems.
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How Can I Get Motivated To Exercise?

There is internal motivation and there is external motivation.
Only one will help you make time to exercise.

Is There A Plan I Can Use?

Yes, a good one. Check out this page.

How Much Exercise Do I Need To Do?

Findings are always changing, so it’s up to you to decide.
Even baby steps can lead to big benefits.

How Do I Begin?

Decide that “getting your move on” is something you
really want to do. Then take these steps to become empowered.

What Are The Best Exercises?

Here are 4 great choices. You just need to choose one to begin.

How Does Exercise Impact My Health?

Losing a modest amount of weight can lower the chance of being
diagnosed with a chronic disease, and you’ll have more stamina.

Am I Too Old To Start Exercising?

A British study says you’re never 
too old to improve your health at any age.

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