Self Chec's free "Keeping Healthy" tools provide you and loved ones with early disease detection and prevention tips to help beat cancer, heart disease, diabetes and more

Practicing Healthy Habits


The Self chec website will help you overcome the inertia you may have about learning about and practicing healthy habits. If something has been preventing you from making that yearly health exam appointment, doing a self-check, stopping smoking, eating healthier or losing some weight, to name a few goals you may have on your “wish list” from last year and your health professional advised you to do, than Self chec will help.

We know the people who care about you want you to keep healthy. That’s a given. Don’t you think you owe it to them (no guilt intended) and yourself to be more proactive?  Otherwise, what’s the alternative?

To start to take better care of yourself check-out the menu on the left and take the first step. We’re here for you…

Please take a second to read the blog “A Scare, A Scar, A Silver Lining” that Nicholas D. Kristof, Op-Ed columnist from the New York Times, wrote in 2010 about his cancer scare.