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Get Motivated To Exercise

You can start with just 10 minutes. But perhaps the real problem is not time, but motivation. Perhaps you’re not motivated because you haven’t found any activities you really like.

Psychologists Say
There Are Two Kinds Of Motivation

Internal motivation means the personal pleasure you get from an activity.

External motivation means you have a desire to get in shape for an event, or you’re in the mood for self-improvement.

The second might be a wedding, or a reunion, and chances are, when it’s over, your motivation will be over too.

The first one, on the other hand, leads to real change, so overcome inertia and find something, find anything that gets you moving: square dancing, detailing the car, gardening, mowing the grass, riding a bike to the store, chopping wood or going for a real walk with the dog, not just a “poop walk.”

If you are moving, and you enjoy it, you will want to do more. While it’s not easy to see some health benefits of exercise—you can’t really feel lower blood pressure or lower cholesterol—there are others that can enforce your motivation, like sleeping better at night and having more energy during the day.

Source: Huffington Post


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