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Lung Cancer
Prevention And Early Detection

Frequently Asked Questions


Kids learning how to prevent lung cancer                  

Why Should I Stop Smoking?

Reduce your chances of being diagnosed
with lung cancer, see improvements in your health,
your finances, and your self-esteem. Click the 
Frequently Asked Questions below for more answers.

Do I Have Any Risk Factors
For Lung Cancer?

Use the Lung Cancer Risk Calculator Tool from
The Siteman Cancer Center on this page.
It should help you determine if you do.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms
of Lung Cancer?

Some lung cancer symptoms mirror other diseases.
Find out which ones.

How Can I Reduce My
Chances Of Getting Lung Cancer?

Stopping smoking is the best way of reducing lung cancer.
On this page, we’ve also made it easier for you to take
other positive actions.

Are You Your Own Worst Enemy
In Detecting Lung Cancer?

You may be your own worst enemy. It’s time to find out.

I’m An Ex-smoker, 
How Do I Protect Myself From Lung Cancer?

There are early detection screening tests available to you.
Please talk to your health professional about them.


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