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Lose Weight

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Is Losing Weight So Hard? 

Typical diets don’t work as promised.
Here is information that will help empower you to action.
Click questions below for more answers.

What Are Possible Barriers To Losing Weight?

Read about this study done in Sweden…

What Is The Difference
Between “Process” And “Outcome” Goals?

The difference can make you more successful in losing weight.

How Do Some People Lose Weight And Keep It Off?

Six things that encourage successful weight loss…

How Do I Break Bad Habits?

For a better chance at success, find out
the difference between process and outcome goals…

Where Do I Start?

Just take those first baby steps. We’re here to help.

Why Do I Have To Keep A Journal?

Research shows that you’ll be more successful
if you write things down. Here’s why…

How Do I Keep Lost Weight Off? 

Use this tool to calculate the number of calories you need each day.

What Are The Best Food Ingredients For Me To Use?

Start your shopping list with these…

How Do I Order In A Restaurant?

Eating out should be fun and can be.
A few useful hints on how to stay on track…


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