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Frequently Asked Questions


Diabetes is considered a national health epidemic. There are more than 20 million people living in the U.S. who have diabetes and 5 million who don’t know they have it. Prevention and early detection are the keys to reducing the risk of being diagnosed with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. This section was written to help you understand what diabetes is, what your risks are, symptoms to watch out for and what you need to know about how to help prevent it. 

Click the links below to get more detailed answers to your questions:

What is Diabetes?

Learn all about diabetes and what it is. We’ll tell you about
Type 1 and Type 2,
and how they affect your health.

Knowledge is the first step to a healthier and diabetes free you.
Click the link above to learn more.

What Is My Risk Of Getting Diabetes?

Learn what the most common risk factors are and use the
Diabetes Risk Calculator
Tool to see if you have any risk factors.
This can help you determine what changes
you can make to reduce your risks.

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Diabetes?

Learn all about the signs and symptoms related to
the onset of diabetes. Some diabetes symptoms are so mild
they go unnoticed
until it’s too late for early treatment.

We’re here to help ensure that doesn’t happen to you. 
Click the link above to learn more.

Are There Any Immediate Diet Changes
I Can Do Right Now To Reduce My Risk?

Yes. Learn exactly what changes you can make to your diet today
to reduce your risk of diabetes. We’ll show you which food types
put you at higher risk for diabetes and explain why.
We’ll show you how to replace
certain unhealthy
foods with healthy ones
and more.

How Can I Reduce My Chances Of Getting Diabetes?

Not all risk factors can be prevented. However, there are some things
that you have control over. In fact, there are 4 steps you can take
right now to reduce your risk of getting diabetes. 
Take the initiative
today to improve your health and lower your risk.

Click the link above to read about these four actions
you need to take to lower your risk of diabetes.

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