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Prostate Cancer
Risk Factors


Click the Prostate Cancer Risk Calculator Tool from from The Siteman Cancer Center to help determine what your prostate cancer risk factors are and what you may be able to do to reduce your chances of being diagnosed. 

Factors that may or may not increase your risk of prostate cancer include:

  • Your age. Your risk of prostate cancer increases with age.
  • Race. Black men are at greater risk of developing advanced or aggressive prostate cancer than men of other races. 
  • Family history of prostate or breast cancer. If men in your family have had prostate cancer, your risk may be increased. Also, if you have a family genetic history of BRCA1 or BRCA2, the best-known genes linked to breast cancer risk, or a strong family history of breast cancer, your risk of prostate cancer may be higher.
  • Obesity. Obese men diagnosed with prostate cancer may be more likely to have advanced disease that’s more difficult to treat.

Resource: Mayo Clinic

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