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The Best Sunscreen Protection 

About Sunscreens

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) publishes a guide to brands that meet their criteria for safe products. Remember, even the best product needs to be reapplied if you’re outdoors for more than two hours, or if you spend time in the water.

Regular window glass will filter out most UVB rays, the shorter ultraviolet rays responsible for tanning and burning (and most skin cancer). But regular glass allows longer UVA rays to get through, the ones that damage skin and cause aging and wrinkling.

A car windshield is specially treated to deflect both kinds of ultraviolet rays, but anyone sitting next to side or back windows, or in a sunroom, should wear sunscreen.

40 percent of UV rays still get through on cloudy days, so sun protection is needed even then.

About Moisturizers And Aftershaves

Many kinds of makeup, moisturizers and aftershave lotions come with SPF 15, offering enough protection to your face for going in and out of your home to your car and office

However, if you work or exercise outside, are going sightseeing or just having lunch at an outdoor café, you need a dedicated sun protection product. Sunscreens work in two ways: they absorb ultraviolet rays or the reflect ultraviolet rays.

Resource: Mayo Clinic


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