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What To Do
On Your Quit Day

Even Though You Haven’t Officially 
Quit Yet, You Should Feel Proud That
You’ve Come This Far

  • Keep busy on your quit day. It is especially important to get out of the house whenever you can:
  • Your a.m. routine: If nicotine replacement therapy, such as the patch or gum, is part of your plan, make sure to start using it first thing in the morning. Consider skipping caffeine, which can make you feel jittery—try a soothing herbal tea instead.

    Shake up your morning ritual by getting in some early exercise. Any kind of activity can help, from taking a short walk to hitting the gym.

  • During the day: Pick from a list of substitutes every time you find yourself wanting a smoke. Chew gum or hard candy, keep your hands busy with a pen or toothpick, doodle or draw with markers, relax with deep breathing, drink a glass of water. Build pleasant moments into your day to compensate for not lighting up. Try reading a magazine or listening to music. Need instant motivation?

    Try a live chat helpline. “LiveHelp,” for instance, is available in English, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 11 pm, Eastern time, at https://livehelp.cancer.gov/app/chat/chat_launch; for help in Spanish, go to http://www.cancer.gov/espanol/cancer/tabaco.

  • In the evening: Go to dinner at your favorite smoke-free restaurant, go to a movie or plan a game night with non-smoking friends. Make sure that, whenever you go, smoking isn’t allowed by law, so you and those with you won’t light up.


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