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How Exercise
Impacts Your Health 

Exercise Has Undeniable Benefits For You

But there are other factors that need to be taken into consideration too.

Your family history plays a part in your health, as well as practicing healthy habits like eating healthy, losing weight, drinking less and not smoking.

A regular program of aerobic and resistance training—two of the three most important forms of exercise—helps improve the control of blood sugar, which can prevent diabetes. It also helps those who already have diabetes.

study by the American Diabetes Association found that maintaining weight, or gaining no more than 5 percent over a three year period, was tremendously beneficial to a Type 2 diabetic patient’s overall health.

Being overweight contributes to the risk of getting Type 2 diabetes, or high blood sugar. For those with a family history, taking insulin to lower blood sugar actually leads to weight gain, even when the patient consumes the same number of calories. Exercise is one way to counteract that.

Exercise also has a positive effect on blood pressure, cholesterolheart health, inflammation and osteoporosis.

There’s growing evidence that physical activity can influence the incidence of breast cancer and its outcomes in positive ways.

Women who control their weight and exercise after breast cancer are more likely to live longer. However, its been noted that they may be the same women who were exercising and keeping their weight controlled before being diagnosed with cancer.

Specific studies are underway to learn just how much exercise helps, but in the meantime, experts say that increasing or maintaining a moderate level of physical activity, along with losing weight if you’re overweight, is a good idea.

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Remember, You’re Never Too Old To Start Exercising