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Drinking Alcohol

Frequently Asked Questions


Why Should I Drink Less?

Often we associate the dangers of drinking too
much with drunk driving, but drinking can threaten our health,
both physically and mentally.
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What Kind of Drinker Am I?

Find out if you are a Stress-head, Dinner Time Guzzler,
Sports Fan or The ‘Relax, It’s the Weekend!’ Drinker.

Am I An Alcoholic?

Take the NCADD Alcoholic Self-test.

What Are The Gender Differences For Alcoholism?

Learn why drinking problems
develop faster in women than in men.

How Does Alcohol Affect My Health?

Even a small amount of alcohol can do lasting damage
to your body and your mind. Drinkers are more likely than nondrinkers
to have over 200 kinds of diseases and injuries.
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How Does Drinking To Excess
Increase My Cancer Risk?

For some people alcohol acts as a carcinogen.
Here are a few cancers we put ourselves at risk for…

How Can I Cut Down On Alcohol

Here are 11 steps…

Is Wine Less Harmful Than Beer?

The newest findings say the amount
is more harmful than the type of alcohol you drink.

What Are At-Risk Drinking Levels?

Are you putting yourself at risk if you’re “holding your liquor”?

What Is The Amount Of Alcohol In “One Drink”?

Use the calculator on this page to determine
how much alcohol is in the next drink you have.

How Can I Find The Alcohol Content
Of A Canned Or Bottled Beverage?

For all the details on the alcohol content of wine,
malt beverage and distilled spirits click the link on this page.

Do Standard Drinks Differ From Bottle To Can?

Find out by reading the chart on this page.