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How To Choose A 
Reputable Health Web Site


  • On the site you go to, click the About Us icon to get an idea of who is actually sponsoring the site.
  • Look for sites with a dot-gov, dot-edu or a dot-net address; they are government, non-profit and university sites and usually free of commercial sponsorship.

Ask Yourself

  • Is this site sponsored by a company?
  • Are they trying to sell me something?
  • Are there any conflicts of interest?
  • Is the information written by an author qualified to write on the subject?
  • Is the information current, factual and referenced?

If you’re not feeling well, you can end up even sicker. Don’t self-diagnose yourself after getting information on the Web. There is a difference between having well-developed knowledge about a medical issue and just having loads of information, especially if much of that information may be wrong.


Source– Wall St. Journal and Time magazine, Paging Dr. Gupta