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How To Order In A Restaurant 

Eating Out Is Fun, But Can Present Temptations

  • If you’re going to a chain restaurant, study the restaurant’s menus online and look at calorie and fat content.
  • If you’re going to a fine dining restaurant, try ordering an appetizer instead of an entrée, or share an entrée, or take half home. And beware of the bread basket. 

Record what you eat as best you can in your journal, estimating portions and calories if needed. Again, keeping a record will help you make good choices in the future.

Save calories for food you may not always have a chance to eat, by not having your usual glass of wine, a cocktail or a beer. Keep calories in chec by skipping the starchy side dishes and having two veggies instead.

In a restaurant, practice putting your silverware down every once in a while and enjoying the conversation. Also, try eating with the hand you are not used to eating with. It’s a good challenge.

Don’t feel you have to finish your plate. When you feel full, just stop eating. Sometimes easier said than done.

Resource: American Heart Association


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