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The Amount Of Alcohol
In One Drink 

These calculators from the National Institute of Alcohol and Alcoholism Abuse will show you how much alcohol is in one drink.

Although the following drinks have different fluid amounts, each has about the same amount of alcohol and each one counts as a single standard drink. The differences are due to the amount of alcohol by volume or “alc/vol”:

  • 12 fluid ounces of regular beer @ 5% alc/vol
  • 8-9 fluid ounces of malt liquor @ 7% alc/vol
  • 5 fluid ounces wine @ 12% alc/vol
  • 3-4 fluid ounces of sherry or port @ 17-22%
  • 2-3 fluid ounces of a cordial, liqueur or aperitif @ 20% alc/vol
  • 1.5 fluid ounces or a single jigger (one “shot”) of brandy, any 80-proof spirit or hard liquor @ 40% or higher alc/vol

Alcohol content can vary greatly between different types of beverages like beer, wine and malt liquor, and yet some are smaller than you might think.

Many light beers, for example, have as much as 85% of the alcohol in regular beer—you can see the slight difference listed on the labels as 4.2% alcohol by volume (alc/vol) for light beer versus 5.0% alcohol by volume for regular.

Condensed from:  Rethinking Drinking


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