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Safer Sex

Frequently Asked Questions


What Is Safe Sex?

Safe sex means taking steps before and during sex
to help prevent you or your partner from getting a sexually
transmitted disease (STD). For many it also
means protecting against an unplanned pregnancy.
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What Makes Sex Unsafe?

5 Things you need to know…

What Is The Best Way To Have Safe Sex?

Here’s what other couples do to help make sex safer…

What Do I Do If I Have An STD?

Besides telling your partner,
you need to be aware of these 4 other things…

How Can STDs Be Spread?

Even skin-to-skin contact can spread STDs.

What Do I Need To Know About Using Condoms?

Here are the 5 important things you may not have known…

How Do I Put A Condom On (For Men And Women)?

If you don’t know how to, these videos and illustrated
step-by-step instructions will guide you.

What Should I Do If My Condom Breaks?

First, don’t panic. Calmly consider taking the following steps…