Here’s Where You Start 

On paper, weight loss comes down to eating fewer calories than you burn off each day. Losing and keeping weight off is tough. It requires a sustained effort, and that means changes in meal planning as well as behavior.

Talk To Your Health Professional
Before Starting A Weight-loss Program

In fact, studies have found that face-to-face counseling from your health professional leads to a greater likelihood of success. First, s/he can offer you guidance tailored to any health risks you might have. Then together you can decide on a weight loss goal and what it will take to reach it.

Keep Track Of Everything.

People Who Do This Are More Likely To Take Weight Off And Keep It Off

  • Try Starting a journal, written or electronic.
  • Try using a diet app for your smartphone. The free website myfitnesspal.cooffers food diaries, exercise trackers, calorie counters and even buddy boards.


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