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Losing Weight

Here’s Where You Start 


On paper, weight loss comes down to eating fewer calories than you burn off each day. Losing and keeping weight off is tough. It requires a sustained effort, and that means changes in meal planning as well as behavior.

Talk To Your Health Professional
Before Starting A Weight-loss Program

In fact, studies have found that face-to-face counseling from your health professional leads to a greater likelihood of success. First, s/he can offer you guidance tailored to any health risks you might have. Then together you can decide on a weight loss goal and what it will take to reach it.

Keep Track Of Everything.  

People Who Do This Are More Likely To Take Weight Off And Keep It Off

  • Try Starting a journal, written or electronic.
  • Try using a diet app for your smartphone. If you prefer a computer-based program, the USDA’s SuperTracker has helpful functions. Also, the free, web site myfitnesspal.cooffers food diaries, exercise trackers, calorie counters and even buddy boards.