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Liver Cancer
Prevention And Early Detection

Frequently Asked Questions


Healthy elderly man and woman without liver cancer


Can Liver Cancer Be Detected Early?

Catching any disease early allows for more
successful treatment options. We’ll share what we’ve
researched and learned to date about some new
findings concerning liver cancer early detection. 

What Is My Risk
Of Getting Liver Cancer?

 Familiarize yourself with some of the actions you
may be doing, that can put you at risk for liver cancer.
Knowing them can help reduce the chances of
being diagnosed with this deadly disease.

What Are The Possible Signs
And Symptoms Of Liver Cancer?

Most people don’t have signs and symptoms of
liver cancer and when they do they can often mimic
other diseases. For this reason, it’s important to become
familiar with the possible signs and symptoms.

How Can I Help Reduce
My Chances Of Getting Liver Cancer?

Besides protecting yourself from hepatitis B
and hepatitis C virus infections, practice
these six healthy lifestyle habits.


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