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 Learn What The
3 Kinds Of Stress Are 

Acute Stress

The Most Common Kind

It comes from those little bumps in the road of daily life. Emotionally, you’re likely to react by being irritable, anxious or angry.

You might develop physical symptoms like tension headaches or back or jaw pain. You could feel like your stomach is tied up in knots and lose your appetite, or get indigestion if you eat.

Frequent Acute Stress

The kind that comes in a predictable pattern. You might feel it if you’re a warrior, the type of person who burns the candle on both ends, lives life in a frenzy and feels like you can’t get a good grip on the demands you face, making you angry and short-tempered.

You might also feel it if you’re a worrier, always fearful and filled with ceaseless worry, which leads you to be anxious and possibly even depressed.

Chronic Stress

The kind that eats away at you, day after day, year after year. It can have a draining effect on your body.

Usually the source of this stress is a very deep and pervasive quality of life issue, such as living during circumstances that prevent you from feeling secure and content and from which you can’t see a way out.

Relaxation techniques can help with managing acute stress, whereas chronic stress may require professional help from a therapist to avoid the worst outcomes, which can include heart attack, stroke, violence and suicide. 

Resources: American Psychological Association


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