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Men, How To Do Your

Breast Cancer Self-Checks 


Men’s how to self-check your breasts is not that different than how a woman does her self-check. You just need to get used to the idea that you can also get breast cancer, and touching yourself needs to become a natural part of your “taking care of yourself” every month routine. You’re lucky in one respect, male breast tissue is much thinner than female breast tissue, so it’s easier and takes less time for a man to check himself.

Self chec thinks it’s important for you to know what a breast self-check looks like and has included the following video from Expert Village.


How-To: Male Self-Check Video

how to perform a breast cancer self check on a man

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Watch A Woman Do
Her Personal Self-check And Learn

To Be Effective, Breast
Cancer Early Detection Must Combine

1) Your monthly breast check.

2) Your yearly doc-check.

3) Yearly mammogram if over age 40
or sooner if you’re in a
 high risk group.

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