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 What To Do If
You Find Something?

Remember that changes on your skin and lumps in your breasts or testicles are not sure signs of cancer. For example, eating something your body is not used to that can causes chest discomfort and weakness doesn’t mean you have diabetes, or are having a heart attack.

Cancer especially, is no longer the Big “C” killer so many of us grew up hearing about and fearing. Helping you understand that the fear is the real enemy, not the cancer, is one of the reasons why Self chec was created.

Fear can paralyze and keep us from responding quickly. A quick response is the first line of defense we can utilize to fight cancers, heart disease and other chronic diseases that are often preventable, treatable and may be curable. Listen to your body. If something feels or looks different, err on the side of caution and call your health professional for a check-up.

Don’t panic. Call your health professional for an appointment. If you don’t have one click here. Write down exactly what you see or feel on a piece of paper, including any questions you have and try not to worry too much.