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Be Sun Safe

Frequently Asked Questions 

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Why Is Sun Protection So Important?

Quite simply, most skin cancers would be prevented. 
Click questions below for more answers.

What About Tanning Beds?

Tanning beds are cancer machines. Here’s why…

What Kind of Sunscreen Is Best?

Check this guide to sunscreens, moisturizers and aftershaves.

Which Sunscreen Ingredients Do I Look For?

These ingredients put a shield between you and the sun. Others don’t.

What Does SPF And Broad Spectrum Mean?

Learn to decode the jargon and the numbers.

How Much Sunscreen And How Often?

Read why it can be as much as half of an 8-ounce bottle.

What Kind Of Sunglasses Are Best?

The right sunglasses can block almost
all the dangerous rays that cause eye damage.

What Kind Of ClothingOffers Protection?

Specially treated clothing can offer protection from UV rays.

Do You Have Sun Safe Clothing In Your Closet?

You may already have protective clothing in your closet.
Chec out 4 things to look for when you shop.

Am I Safe Inside My Car?

These three things will keep you sun safe…

How Can I Protect My Kids?

Here are five suggestions…


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