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Our Mission

Self Chec is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is using emotional connections to help save precious lives by raising awareness of the importance of early detection and preventative actions that help keep us healthy from cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity; chronic diseases that often, unnecessarily take the lives of some of our loved ones much too early. 


Our Motivation

Empower people to:

Take control of their own health

Reduce health risks that are often preventable or treatable

Facilitate healthy habits and conversations

Confront difficult health subjects for themselves and loved ones


Our Protagonist and Mascot

Take your head out of the sand
and self-check!


Our Goal

Help to change the U.S. from a country that emphasizes sickness care over wellness care by stressing the importance of early detection and wellness, so people don’t get sick in the first place. 



The Self chec Lifesaver Award
Named after Dr. Paul Calabresi    


Dr. Paul Calabresi was a renowned oncologist and a leader in developing drugs to treat Hodgkin’s lymphoma, breast cancer and prostate cancer, among other diseases. He was a champion of Self chec and a staunch advocate of cancer prevention. He died in 2003 of the disease he tried to find a cure for. Read more.