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Your 10 Day Quit Smoking Plan 


Like The Mad Hatter In Alice In Wonderland,
Believe You Can. We do.

Get past the endless conversation in your head. A personalized quit plan will keep you focused, confident and motivated. We’ve seen this work many times and think it may be your best chance of quitting success. Here are some ideas from Smokefree.gov to get you started:

10 Days To Go
Pick A Date

While you want to quit as soon as possible, it’s important to give yourself time to plan for it. Aim for a date one to two weeks from today. Write the date on big sheets of paper and affix them anywhere you’ll look at them. Your refrigerator is a good start.

 9 Days To Go
Tell The Important People In Your Life

Quitting is easier with support from those closest to you. Let them know about your plans and tell them how they can help. Let them support you. They really want to.

8 Days To Go
Write Out Your Reasons For Quitting

Whether it’s for better health, the desire to stop your loved ones’ exposure to secondhand smoke, save money, remove the stale smell of smoke in your home or all of the above, everyone has their own reasons for quitting smoking. Seeing the advantages you’ll gain in black and white will help motivate you to stop.

7 Days To Go
Identify Your Smoking Triggers

One important aspect of quitting is being able to recognize situations that trigger your need to smoke, whether it’s an activity, like after dinner at a restaurant; an emotion, like stress; or even a person, like a friend who lights up.

6 Days To Go
Understand The Effects Of Withdrawal

Breaking a nicotine addiction involves a period known as withdrawal—  when your body learns to adjust to no longer having nicotine in your system. This period can be rough at first. You may experience seemingly insurmountable cravings for a cigarette, but it’s possible to fight them. Keep the faith.

5 Days To Go
Quit Smoking Products That Help Cravings

Talk to your health professional about the best option for you, especially if you were unsuccessful quitting in the past, and read the products patient medication guide to make sure there aren’t any contraindications to the option you choose.

Whatever you choose, be sure to have a supply on hand before your quit day. There are many over-the-counter and prescription items that can help wean you off nicotine. The Mayo Clinic has some good information on this topic.

4 Days To Go
Choose A Support System

Person-to-person support from a professional counselor, a support group of others trying to quit or both, or a combination of counseling and medication can help keep you motivated. Ask your health professional to help you find someone.

3 Days To Go
Set Up Other Communication Support Tools 

Telephone, Apps & Text Messaging can offer tips and tricks that can help you any time you need a boost. Take a look before you quit.

2 Days To Go
Set Up Rewards For Milestones

Quitting smoking happens one minute, one hour, one day at a time. Reward yourself with a new piece of clothing, or enjoy a night at the movies or any other tobacco-free activity, but especially an activity that won’t trigger a craving. If possible, avoid alcohol.

1 Day To Go
Remove All Tobacco Paraphernalia

Throw out everything associated with tobacco. Since the smell of cigarettes can cause a craving, freshen up your home, office, even your car. Don’t save anything “just in case.” Get plenty of rest and eat healthy—a lack of sleep and too much sugar can trigger you to smoke.

We’d love to know how you are doing. Please send us an email: concerned@selfchec.org  


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