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Your Risk Of Heart
Attack And Stroke

Your Heart Disease Risk Tool

Click the Heart Disease Calculator from The Siteman Cancer Center to help determine if you have any risks.

Other Risks May Include:

Heart Disease


  • Having a heart disease such as coronary heart disease and atrial fibrillation or having a brain condition, such as an aneurysm
  • Younger ages. More younger men than women have strokes, however, women are more likely to die from strokes.
  • Women who take birth control pills are at slightly higher risk of stroke.
  • Your Race. Strokes occur more often in Black, Alaska Native, and American Indian adults than in White, Hispanic, or Asian American adults.
  • Personal or family history of stroke or TIA, thought of as a mini- or pre-stroke.
  • Substance use, including cocaine and amphetamines.
  • Stress and depression.

Source: National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute

What is Heart Disease?