Help Protect You & Loved Ones From Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Obesity & More

The Self chec Website. 
A Human’s User Guide. Why? 

Inspiration for our renewed Self chec website came from my new car and the”15 second rule”. Are you scratching your head yet?
When my child was born she didn’t come with a how-to user parenting guide. Neither did I. My car came with one as well as the computer I just bought. Yet, the most complex of all machines, our own bodies, don’t. It made no sense to us. So we decided to create our own “being a healthy human” guide. 
The experts tell us that we have 15 seconds before you’ll click off our website page and go someplace else. So we had to figure out how to get you here and keep you long enough to help try and save your life. 

What The Free Self chec 
Website Offers You And Your Loved Ones 

  • The information on most of our pages won’t take longer than 15 seconds to read. It’s only a little longer if there’s important information about a subject that may help you navigate a question or challenge you may have.
  •  We are sharing information culled from the most vetted and reputable health websites in the world.
  •  Our voice is that of a human being like you. The words we use are simple, but when you do need a definition, just hover over the blue link with the dotted line. The bold reddish links will take you to a new page on our site, and the blue links to an external page, both with additional information. We’ve tried to cover it all.
  •  You can share our  “Keeping Healthy” Tools with other people in your life to help keep them healthy, too.

If you have any difficulty on the site, see a misspelling or broken link while clicking through, have an idea or any article you’d like to share please let us know. We are relying on you for your help and welcome your thoughts, insights, etc. to help us do our job. After all, we are in this together.