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Stop Smoking

Frequently Asked Questions 

Kids saying no to smoking

How Can I Quit Smoking?

Join the victors kicking the smoking habit.
We’ve done it. We know how hard it is. Now it’s your turn.
Click questions below for more answers.

 How Do I Cope Without Smoking?

10 tips to help you get through the stress.

What Happens To My Body
When I Smoke? And When I Quit?

There are immediate responses. Stop smoking and you
have instantaneous health benefits and your risk of getting
certain chronic diseases is reduced. Read on…

What’s The First Step? 

Willpower. Read more…

What Is A Smoking Quit Plan?

It will help you get through the first 10 days,
and also help change your life…

What Schedule Should I Follow On My Quit Day?

Here are some really good suggestions…

When Do The Benefits Of Not Smoking Start?

The effects continue for decades. Here’s a timeline…

How Will I Know That I Succeeded?

Your mind and your body will tell you. Read more…

Where Can I Get Help?

Telephone, Apps & Text Messaging For Support

What’s This I Hear About Electronic Cigarettes?

Are they safer than regular cigarettes?


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