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Your Pro-Active Exercise Plan 

On a piece of paper or on your smartphone write down a plan that includes small goals at first and bigger goals as you progress. For instance:

  • Take a 10-minute walk every day for a week.
  • Add to your daily exercise on a weekly basis. If you did a 10-minute walk every day last week, take 15-minute walks this week. Next week, add two 10-minute dance sessions, and so on.
  • Use an app if you have a smart phone. Look for an app that includes tips and techniques for making changes in behavior as well as providing instruction on how to perform exercises.
  • Try new activities to stay excited about exercise. Once you’ve worked up to getting 150 minutes of moderate activity each week, plus resistance training, stretching and balance exercises, try something else.

Identify the benefits of exercise that will positively impact your personal health, like reducing your diabetes risk or lowering blood pressure.

Resources: PubMed.gov


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