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By American Heart Association News

A third of U.S. adults have had symptoms consistent with a mini-stroke, but nearly no one – only 3 percent – called 911 for help, a survey released Monday shows. The responses from 2,040 adults in a representative sample showed 35 percent had experienced at … Continue reading

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Condensed from Real Simple magazine by Abigail Wise

Some lucky people are actually born with personalities that make them worry less, but what about the rest of us? The good news is there are proven ways to combat too much stress and its harmful effects on our bodies and minds. Don’t sweat it! You can adopt some of these simple stress busters, too.

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  1. They meditate. 
  2. They work out regularly
  3. They spend the outdoors
  4. They leave work
  5. They take their vacation days
  6. They read for fun
  7. They get enough sleep


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