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Testicular Cancer
Prevention And Early Detection

Frequently Asked Questions


Why Is Testicular Cancer* Early Detection
So Important?

Talking about your testicles and getting them
chec’d out is important because testicular cancer is highly
curable when caught early and can kill you if left
untreated. We don’t want you dying of embarrassment.
Click questions below for more answers.

Do I Have Any Risk Factors For Testicular Cancer? 

There are some things that may increase your risk of testicular cancer.
Check our “heads-up” list so you can see what they are…

What Age Should I Start My Testicular Self-checks?

You’d be surprised how young a diagnosis of testicular cancer can be…

How Do I Do My Testicular Self-check?

Watch someone like you do his testicular self-check and learn how.

What Do I Look For 
When Checking My Testicles?

Lumps, bumps the size of chestnuts or golf balls?
It’s time to find out which ones should be checked out.

How Can I Reduce My
Chances Of Getting Testicular Cancer? 

This page will help empower you to 
take the the proactive steps to keep your testicles healthy.


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*Testicular cancer, (as opposed to penis cancer which is a cancer that usually occurs in older men and can be anywhere on or in the penis), occurs in the testicles (or testes).