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Your Skin

Frequently Asked Questions


Why Is Skin Cancer Early Detection
So Important?

Skin cancer, including melanoma is preventable
and treatable if caught early.
Click questions below for more answers.

Do I Have Any Risks For Skin Cancer?

Chec out the Melanoma Cancer Risk Calculator Tool on this page

What Age Should I Start My Skin Self-checs?

The adults around should chec the young kids they hang out with.
This is what to you need to do as you get older and understand.

How Do I Do My Skin Self-chec?

Watch a real person do a skin self-chec.

What Are The A, B, C, D & E’s Of Skin Cancer?

Their meaning in regards to your skin can help save your life

What Do I Look For When Checing?

Moles and rough spots can be worrisome. These photos
will help you decide if they need a doctor’s attention.

How Can I Reduce My
Chances Of Getting Skin Cancer?

Find the best sunscreens (beware of false claims),
the best protective clothing, and more.

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