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Your Mouth (Oral)

How To Do
Your Oral Cancer Checs 


Have Regular Dental Doc-checs

Remind your health professional to chec for oral cancer not only by looking inside your mouth with a mirror, but by feeling your tongue and the insides of your lips and cheeks to chec for possible signs of cancer, or pre-cancerous tissue changes.

Your Video Guide

Video: NIH/National Institute of Dental and Caraniofacial Research

Your dentist may have a great chairside manner and make the process for you as painless as possible, but if s/he doesn’t take the time to chec the inside of your mouth during your regular dental chec-ups you are being put at risk.

Your Self-chec

Look in the mirror. Open your mouth and familiarize yourself with what your normal mouth looks like. Each month chec for any signs or symptoms of changes that may have taken place. Call your dentist as soon as possible if you see any changes at all.

Resource: American Dental Hygienists Association