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Your Breasts (Men)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Worry About Male Breast Cancer?

Yes, it is rare. For every 100 women with breast cancer,
there will be 1 man. You don’t want to be that one.
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Do I Have Any Risk Factors For Breast Cancer?

Some will surprise you..

What Age Should I Start My Breast Self-checs?

Men with a “higher risk” should start checing
earlier than guidelines suggest.

How Do I Do My Breast Self-checs?

A health professional shows one man how in this video.

What Do I Look For When Checing?

Here’s a list of signs to watch out for.

How Can I Reduce My
Chances Of Getting Breast Cancer?

This page will help empower you to 
take the the proactive steps to keep your breasts healthy.

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