Self Chec's free "Keeping Healthy" tools provide you and loved ones with early disease detection and prevention tips to help beat cancer, heart disease, diabetes and more

Early Detection Self-checks
Save Lives,
Just Like Seatbelts 


Practicing early detection* self-checks and prevention (healthy habits) has the same impact as putting on a seat belt when you first get into your car. Statistics show that seat belt use not only helps protect you from serious injuries, but can often save your life and of course, others as well. 

Utilizing the Self chec website is like putting your seat belt on. It’s so important that the little voices in the back seat won’t let you forget to do it. Self chec just wants to be that “little voice in the back seat” that keeps reminding you how important it is to do. 

Remember early detection self-checks — you’re finding something and having it treated before it becomes life-threatening — is the best gift you can give to yourself, those you care about, and that special someone(s) who cares about you.

*While it is possible that not all early detection of cancers will guarantee a longer life, it usually will extend the time from diagnosis if caught soon enough and properly treated.