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Most people don’t know what practicing health prevention means until they, or
a loved one, is already sick. Becoming more proactive, instead of reactive or inactive, when it comes to your health is why Self chec’s “keeping healthy” website and tools were created for you. We hope you will take the time to push our buttons and start your journey to a healthier future.

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Note: There are many good resources on the worldwide web that can help you learn more about each of the prevention points in this section. Please go to How to Find a Reputable website before choosing which one to use.


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One Comment to “PREVENTION”

  1. Paul B

    PREVENTIVE SELF-EXAMINATION IS HIGHLY EFFECTIVE, YET STILL CREATES ANXIETY. For years I’ve seen brochures in my doctor’s waiting room about testicular and other male cancers and never reached for them. That’s why I was surprised last week, when handed a Self chec kit by someone I know, to find myself reading the information in more detail than ever before. I suddenly realized that I have never really done a self-examination looking for testicular lumps or discussed the question of colonoscopy with my doctor.

    I myself am a medical doctor, and you would think I should know these things, however the subject of cancer is a frightening one and one that many people, like myself, face only when they or someone they love have been diagnosed. Preventive self-examination is highly effective, yet still creates anxiety. However last week, on being handed the kit by someone who cares about me, I found myself able to read it calmly and without anxiety. This resulted in my being able to process the information, discuss it with my friend and learn about self-examinations in a way that I have not done before.

    I believe there is enormous value in the Self chec process of spreading information from one caring person to another. Rather than just another well-packaged brochure, the Self chec method is in fact an ingenious community based strategy. I look forward to handing packages to the people I care about.

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