“Health is Wealth delivers great guidance for kids (and parents) in the form of a story kids will relate to. I hope eating the rainbow becomes part of our health culture — the sooner the better.”

Nancy E. Roman, President & CEO Partnership for a Healthier America

“There is no reason today’s children shouldn’t expect to have the same, or better, life expectancy of their parents. Self Check’s “Health is Wealth” is a novel way of capturing the attention of our kids and introducing them to a lifelong journey of prevention and healthy living.”

J Nick Baird, MD Former Director of the Ohio Department of Health, CEO of US Healthiest

“Since the CDC reported that the rise in childhood chronic diseases — specifically obesity and type 2 diabetes, would cause young children to have a shorter life span than their parents, and since our children would have an uncertain future in this covid and post-covid world, Self chec has created an ebook to educate, inspire and support our children in developing healthy habits now, so they won’t need to unlearn unhealthy habits later.”

Joan Peckolick Founder/Director Self chec


“Health is Wealth” is an interactive book that talks to children ages 4-8 about keeping healthy so they can grow up to live long, productive lives. The story is told from the point of view of the Self chec PreventiconPals who are sick and tired of hearing about the bad things that can happen — and that might possibly follow them into adulthood — if they don’t eat better, exercise often, apply sunscreen (as easy as brushing your teeth!), or learn how to relax. The PreventiconPals have made a pledge to be healthy role models for kids everywhere and to help them become empowered champions of their own self-care, well-being and just doing what’s right.

The idea for “Health is Wealth” came from Joan Peckolick, after she learned that the children of this generation have a shorter lifespan than their parents and that we have a moral obligation to help them develop positive habits now, so they won’t need to unlearn bad habits later.

Rich, whimsical color illustrations and important real-life tips guide girls and boys through the story by helping them realize the potential they have to live a long and healthy life, and also to teach the adults in their life a thing or two about keeping healthy!

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100% of the book's royalties are being donated to non-profit Selfchec.org