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Your Lungs

Why We Don’t Talk About What
Might Be Early Signs Of Lung Cancer 


Most people don’t even know they may have the symptoms of early lung cancer because one of the biggest enemies of detecting cancer early can be you.

A research project conducted by the Faculty of Health & Wellbeing Sheffield Hallam University in Doncaster UK involved interviewing people with lung cancer. They said there are many reasons why people with symptoms don’t call their health professional:

  • They think the cough is due to another health problem e.g. a winter virus, a chronic chest problem.
  • They think the problem will clear up if left alone.
  • They are worried they would be wasting the doctor’s time.
  • They are frightened that the cough may mean something more serious, for example, lung cancer.
  • People who were ex-smokers or non-smokers thought they had no risk of lung cancer.

The Reasons People Should Report Symptoms

  • They might not be caused by lung cancer. It is important to find out what is causing them and get it treated.
  • People who have given up or have never smoked have a much lower chance of getting lung cancer, but they do have some risk.
  • In a small number of cases, the symptoms might be caused by lung cancer. The earlier it is diagnosed the better the chance of getting early and effective treatment.

Resource: Cancer Research UK