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Cervical Cancer
Prevention And Early Detection

Frequently Asked Questions


What Is The Importance Of  Cervical Cancer
Prevention And Early Detection? 

Cervical cancer is nearly 100% curable if detected early.
The Frequently Asked Questions below will
help you answer any questions you may have about
this treatable and often curable disease.

Do I Have Any Risk Factors
For Cervical Cancer?

Use the Cervical Cancer Risk Calculator Tool
from The Siteman Cancer Center on this page.
It will help you determine if you do.

What Age Should I Start 
Getting My Cervical Cancer Check?

For some of us it’s 3 years after we’ve become
sexually active, for others it’s different.
Please read on…

What Are The Signs And
Symptoms Of Cervical Cancer?

This important list will help you determine if you need to call
your healthcare professional for an appointment.

How Can I Help Reduce My
Chances Of Getting Cervical Cancer?

Get the low-down on condoms, partners and smoking.
The next steps are up to you…


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