For every smile we might not see
& every hug we might not feel,

it’s time to come together to create a


We are still suffering through the biggest healthcare challenge in human history. A challenge that continues to spread unimaginable sociological, psychological and economic devastation. A challenge that affects every individual and every unborn child; that tragically takes the lives of more than one million of our friends and family every year. A challenge that was created out of fear, on our own shores, and that we are too scared to learn how to defend against ourselves, so we continue to keep burying our heads in the sand, while we bury our loved ones.

Chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity are often preventable and treatable. We just need to learn to fight the fear, denial, and reactivity that stops us from taking more positive steps that would teach pro-action and self-empowerment; two acts designed to fight this challenge and help us live a long and healthy life.

Self chec’s PreventionNation was created to stop the devastation these chronic diseases impose on all of us. While the research continues to look for cures, our mission, and the one we are asking you to join, is to galvanize individuals, companies, colleges, the media and others together to help stop the dying. 

Who Are We Talking To?

Influencers, Individuals, Companies, The Media,
Colleges and Universities, Doctors, Hospitals and Other Medical Facilities,
Non-profits and Other Organizations
Galvanizing Together Empowering 
Human Beings To Practice
Early Detection & Healthy Habits


Action Plan (in process)

 Begin The Conversation

PreventionNation helps create a dialogue with the public about the importance of proactive prevention,  early detection and wellness care so we can all reduce our odds of being diagnosed with a chronic disease like  cancer, heart disease, diabetes or obesity in the first place. 

Most people are reactive when it comes to their health; they seek information when they are already sick, or a family member or friend has been diagnosed.

Help Change The Publics’ Negative Attitudes And Beliefs 

  • Help change the perception of what time means; quality vs. quantity
  • Help lessen the perception that there is no longer the shadow of a “BIG C” we have to fear
  • Help jumpstart the conversation about the gift self-empowerment and  proaction can hold as opposed to the devastation inaction and reaction can have.

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